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Arcadia in the City - Marble Hill House


performance still in time
photographed by Carlos Skeete


a maestro production London 2002 for Marble Hill House (collaboration Glausnitzer-Smith, Costello and Kingston Chamber Singers)

History is only judged by present values. History is always in the present tense and affects our lives right now. It can offer a sense of direction. But really the past can not be re-visited and its evaluations are based on speculations and the use of language. Conventions urge to make comparisons between the values of now and then. Signs of time correlate with the social stage and then time appears necessary in order to define the land, the people and their technology, their thoughts and views on a reality changed. Too soon signs are being placed into a context of knowledge and understanding and assumptions become values for truth. The description of signs however is not analytical but observational.

Gathering the fragments in time - the performance carries the immediacy of being directed by time, in part through observation and in part through the experience. The mark as signature is made without control, the body receives as it is medium and carrier simultaneously. Voices are singing to the paintings of another time, being locked in the gaze of memories and silent associations. May be voices seem lost in their monologue, - echoes of distant longing and the desire to unite - they can not be still. Finally they are rediscovered, synchronically and at peace, they are one with the ground and the balance of sound resonates in the now.