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Statement by the Artist


lesser than less full

Every image which I select from within as it occurs in my own painting, photography, video or text has a potential of performance. The absence of actuality or the presence of the imagination is the necessary dynamic for the process when performance is about to happen.

Process becomes apparent in confluence. Process here is potential being, as matter is in its undetermined state. Form or shape can only be determined temporarily by its descriptive nature. I feel, it is possible to patiently attend to the released form without the intellectual determinism to recreate a presupposed image or reiterate a known language.
Each time during the process, the work carries its own stage for it releases its own potential. It requires the maker who intervenes and the on-looker who intervenes.

"confluence" is a series of 19 c-type prints on 5 mm mount board, 30 x 40 inches, the content of the images suggests a moment of flux where different ideas of time and processing are proposed. One evolutionary and the other suggesting the potential of brief freshness from the world of everyday consumption. The link of these moments is sometimes accessible and other times resides within a surreal context. The two possible states of being emerge out of a combination and its simultaneous appearance which belongs to man idea of life's rythmic nature.

The work "confluence" has been exhibited in July 2000 at the Gallery Cite Internationale des Arts, Paris and in October 2000 in the Assembly Exhibition, London also featured in the British film production "Tabloid TV" January 2001