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unreal evidence

video and image projections, 1997

Unreal evidence I and II, video and image projections, 1997 superimposed images on museum sculptures

The evaluation of historical objects and their definitions is shown in the context of the museum where their curation and presentation heralds a priviledged position of possession, power and accumulation. The kind of space which they occupy often does not reach beyond to what and how we understand their archival character. The idea of the museum has become an alternative storage place. The visual interplay of sculptures and superimposed, projected images disrupts the meaning and celebration of the historical icon. Image and object merge and together they do not flatter the environment which is segregated from its original function. Objects in the museum relate to another category of thinking based on information and knowledge thus they have become mute to the experience of ritual.

Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith