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Saturday July 7th, 2001

it's raining. no site investigation. talking about the project over breakfast.

proposed site: roy bard's 'garage' in corsham street. bed and chair determine the site. outside. The outside is located opposite the landlord's office. Dagmar said she will arrange it with her landlords (also the landlord of the garage) for next saturday.

important: 'street rooms' are not about homelessness. we have to be careful that the installation is not being misread as something related/referring to homelessness.
it's about the constant negotiation with space. 3 sites

privacy as a precious commodity. ie. the more financial means the more secure your home. if you can afford it you own it or at least have a secure tenancy. furnished flats or bed sits for the financially restricted people.

the space in which you're now at is in between the one that was before and the next one.

Two days later the mattress and the chair had been removed after I had informed the landlords of our project.